Recent Publications

New Rainforestation book published

Dr. Paciencia Milan, RISE Trustee & “Mother of Rainforestation”, published a new book, Rainforestation: Paradigm Shift in Forest Restoration in the Philippines. Rainforestation is a strategy that uses native species to enhance ecosystem services while meeting the local community’s livelihood needs. A recording of the virtual book launch that was conducted by Forest Foundation Philippines, the book’s publisher, is available on Facebook.

RISE President David Neidel co-authors a paper on Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) in the Philippines.

While many policy makers are interested in FLR, the methods for implementation on the ground are often ambiguous. This article summarizes the key messages and outcomes from an international conference and workshop on the subject that ELTI participated in the Philippines in February 2019. The Manila Declaration on FLR, which was approved by the conference participants, outlines future steps needed to provide greater clarity on scaling up FLR in the tropics.

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